Jharkhand Jharkhand

Explore serene and tourist free destination of India

Explore serene and tourist free destination of India

Explore serene and tourist free destination of India
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Jharkhand is a wonderful destination for those of you who love wildlife. This is a state where Mother Nature has been bountiful. You find the place filled with dense forests, towering mountains, and gushing waterfalls. Hence, Jharkhand has fascinating natural vistas for you to fall in love with the place. There are scenic hub spots wherein nature remains untouched. Jharkhand means ‘the land of the forests. According to its name, you find an astounding variety of flora and fauna. Jharkhand was a part of Bihar a couple of years ago. The Govt has now carved the place as a separate state that shares its unique identity in ways more than one. Come on, let's explore the lovely places and the topography in and around Jharkhand.

Best time to visit the place

You can have a glimpse into the overall weather chart of Jharkhand during summers, winters, and the rainy season. This way, you will get a fair idea of when is the best time to visit the place, as such. Here we go:

Summer- March- June; Temperature belt: - 20 – 37 degree Celsius

The Summers here can be humid and scorching. The summer starts in the month of March and extends up until June. The day temperatures begin at 20 degrees Celsius. While at peak afternoons, the mercury soars up to 37 or sometimes even 40 degrees Celsius. Hence, summer months are not recommended for tourists or vacationers to plan a visit to Jharkhand.

Monsoon season- July- September; Temperature belt: - 25- 35 degree Celsius

The place receives moderate to heavy downpours during the monsoon season. The much-needed respite from the scorching summers is felt by the local dwellers too. As they receive their first showers starting in the month of July. Tourists can plan a visit to the place during the monsoons to get a glimpse of the lush greenery of the place.

Winter Season- November- February; Temperature belt: - 5-25 degree Celsius

Jharkhand enjoys pleasant weather all through the winter months. The winter typically starts by October mid and extends until February. The region experiences chill weather indeed. Day temperatures can be 5 degrees Celsius. While the maximum temperature barely touches 25- 27 degrees Celsius. This is the best time of the year for tourists to plan a vacation. They can arrange nature trails, excursions, or forest visits during the winter.

Looking at the overall weather chart, November to February is the best time to visit the place of Jharkhand.

Best Places to visit

You have numerous tourist spots to enjoy while you land here at Jharkhand. You have forested zones that are known for their enigmatic beauty. You have hill towns where you experience rolling clouds and pleasant weather all through the year. Plus, you have aesthetically developed cities that are cosmopolitan in their way. Shall we explore each of them one by one?


Deoghar is a popular destination that is known for its share of pilgrim temples and numerous religious spots. You have the famous Baidhyanath temple where you find one of the 12 jyotirlingas, that can add to a religious sanctity indeed. During the Shravan month, millions of devotees bring water in pitchers to do puja to their Lord. Hence, this ancient city in Jharkhand is also known as the religious capital of the state. Apart from the Baidyanath temple or Dham, you also find Naulakha Mandir, Tapovan caves, Satsang Ashram, and Basukinath temple at Deoghar. 


Jamshedpur is one of the largest cities that is situated in Jharkhand. It is an aesthetically planned township that is the industrial hub of the State. You discover appealing infrastructure and landscape here. You have the beautiful Dalma hills that are known for their natural and breathtaking views. Plus, here you find the country’s biggest steel manufacturing company indeed. 

The city was named after Jamshedji Tata in the year 1909. The industrial hub, therefore, gets the name of the place as the ‘Steel City of India’. Apart from this, the city has quite a lot of tourist attractions to drool over. You have Jubilee Park that is lined up with a vast number of trees. You have the Tata Zoological Park that houses rare varieties of tigers and leopards. You have a Bhuvaneshwari temple that is situated at the hilltop. Plus, you have the Dalma wildlife sanctuary that is home to resident elephants. 


Ranchi is the capital city of Jharkhand. You have the city situated at an altitude of 700 meters from the sea-level. Hence, you find cool and pleasant weather all through the year. You have waterfalls, forests, and a beautiful River namely the Subernekha that flows nearby. 

Some of the popular tourist spots include the Kanke Dam, Ranchi cum Tagore Hills, Hatia Museum, and the Tribal Research Institute of India. The city is known for its rich reserves of minerals. Plus, you have the city well-planned with shady and tall trees wherever you glimpse into. 

Betla National Park

This is a beautiful wildlife park that is situated atop the attractive Palamau district. You find wild elephants roaming through the thick forest covers indeed. You also find an astounding variety of flora and fauna here. You also find tigers, bison, axile, and leopards. You find several waterfalls and attractive ponds where you can dip your feet into. Plus, the forest area is known for its wide variety of Sal trees placed across. This is a wonderful tourist spot you cannot afford to miss out on.


Ghatshila is a town situated in the East Singhbhum district of Jharkhand. You find numerous winding rivulets and serene waterfalls surrounding the place. Hence, the vicinity paves the way as a natural and scenic spot indeed. You also find numerous temples that dot this tourist city. The picturesque waterfalls, rolling hills, and attractive flora make one fall in love with this place.


This is a town-city that is located across the highest mountain ranges of Jharkhand. Namely the Parasnath Hill. You have numerous Jain temples dotting the city of Shikharji. You find 24 Jain Tirthankaras in this holy city alone. Plus, you find the place situated at 1,350 meters above the sea-level. Hence, you can find a picturesque view of hill ranges and mountains.

Dasham Falls

This natural hub spot is situated in Taimara Village of the Ranchi district. You have the spectacular Dasham Falls that is the largest waterfalls across Jharkhand. Waterfalls down at a massive 144 feet and the falls can look breathtakingly beautiful during the monsoon climate. You also find astounding greenery surrounding the vicinity. You also have a pond at the end of the waterfalls. You can spend those quality moments with friends and family when you opt to take a dip here. The gurgling sound of water and the natural greenery can elevate your senses to an all-new high. 


Netarhat is a spectacular hill station that is situated in Jharkhand. This place is situated across the famous ChotaNagpur plateau indeed. Netarhat comprises seven hills that are situated at a distance of 96 miles from Ranchi. You have fabulous sunrises and sunsets that can be viewed atop hill ranges. 

Bokaro Steel City

Bokaro is a city that has numerous lakes, parks, and beautiful greenery that make tourists flock to this part of Jharkhand. You have several iron and steel factories in the industrially well-planned city indeed. That’s why the city is named the ‘Steel Capital of India’. The city is spread across the banks of the pretty Damodar River. You also have lakes, parks, waterfalls that can add to astounding greenery and natural relaxation spaces. The city is rich in culture but has a cosmopolitan touch added to it too. Well, these are some of the best-known tourist spots across the state of Jharkhand. 

Best food and shopping

Jharkhand is known for its rich flavors and multiple varieties of cuisines indeed. Rice, Dhal, and Veggies are staple ingredients with which the foodie delicacies are made from. You also find a faint Mughal influence in the way the dishes are churned out at hotels and dining restaurants. Handia, bamboo shoots, Mitha Khaja, Thekua, litti, Dhuska, and Arsa Rotis are typical delicacies Jharkhand is famous for. You find North Indian, South Indian, and Chinese cuisines across high-dining restaurants spread across the state. 

You have high-tech city-based malls and multiplexes in cities like Ranchi, Jamshedpur, and Bokaro. You have paintings belonging to Paitkar, Jadopatia, Khovar, and Sohrai. You can procure them via religious spots and handicraft stores spread across the state of Jharkhand. You can also avail of hand-made artifacts and exquisite mirrors made from Bamboo. You have tribal jewelry that can have exclusive stonework from handicraft stores prevalent here. Wooden bangles and toys are also available aplenty. 

Best things to do

You can visit the Baidyanath temple during the Shravan month of the Hindu lunar calendar. You must book your tickets in advance when you want to be a part of this religious extravaganza. You can visit Ranchi and Jamshedpur based steel factories to get a glimpse of how iron and steel get manufactured. Netarhat and Dasham falls are meant for the nature lovers out there. Lastly, get a taste of proper Jharkhand food from neighborhood hotels or motels that authentically serve the local cuisines. 

We have covered end to end aspects of the lovely state of Jharkhand. So, pack your bags, make your reservations, and visit Jharkhand with your family and friends today!

Jharkhand Jharkhand

Visit the land of anthropological wealth

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Jharkhand Jharkhand

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