Meghalaya Meghalaya

A Serene Land Popular For Abundant Natural Beauty

A Serene Land Popular For Abundant Natural Beauty

A Serene Land Popular For Abundant Natural Beauty
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Meghalaya is one of the most beautiful states across the North Eastern part of India. It literally translates as the ‘Abode of the Clouds’. Shillong is the capital city of Meghalaya. You have the world’s wettest place named ‘Cherapunjji’, that also finds its place here at the state of Meghalaya. It rains throughout the year at Cherapunjji.

It is estimated that the region nearly receives 1700 cm of rainfall annually. Meghalaya, as a state can also mesmerize you with its numerous valleys, caves, and mountains, you will fall in love with. Come on, let us discover the most aesthetic aspects, the state of Meghalaya, offers its tourists and vacationers on a nutshell.

Best time to visit Meghalaya

The best time to visit the state of Meghalaya is between June and October. Here you have regions wherein the summer temperatures barely touch 30 degrees Celsius. Hence, taking a tourist vacation to Meghalaya will be a perfect escape from scorching summers. However, let us have an overall look at the weather chart to help you deduce the season or the weather for yourself.

Meghalaya during summers: - April- June; Temperature belt: 12- 30 degree Celsius

Summers are warm and pleasant here. You hardly get a feel that you are experiencing summers while you are here at Meghalaya. Mornings are chill and pleasant, and the temperature is just around 12 degrees Celsius. At mid-afternoon, as the temperature barely touches 30-degree Celsius, adventure seekers can have the time of their life by indulging in mountain climbing, trekking, and other outdoor-based adventure activities. Again, by evenings, the weather gets chiller.

Meghalaya during monsoon- June- October; Temperature belt: - 22-30 degree Celsius

Meghalaya is a state that receives heavy to very heavy rainfall. The world’s rainiest cities are in fact located in Meghalaya itself. These two cities are Cherapunjji and Mawsynram. Monsoon weather creates heavy flooding and landslides at most of the regions of Meghalaya that receive torrential rains. Therefore, it is ideally recommended, for tourists or vacationers not to venture into the state of Meghalaya during the typical monsoon season. For those of you, who would love watching rains lashing, by the windows, can plan an indoor vacation at a hotel or a posh home stay resort.

Meghalaya during winter- October- February, Temperature belt:- 3 degree Celsius – 14 degree Celsius

You find the autumn season at Meghalaya during the months of October and November. The typical winter season starts in the month of December and extends until February. The winters can be dry and cold. You have the perfect weather to indulge in sightseeing activities. Post the monsoons, you have the carpet laid out by Mother Nature, where most of the surroundings are lush and green. You can find the evenings getting colder and foggy.

Therefore, summer months and afternoons of winter months can be ideal for vacationers and holidayers, making the best out of their vacation.

Best places to visit

There are some bountiful and most beautiful places on the planet situated on our very own Meghalaya. Helping you unveil some of the best places to visit here:


Shillong is the capital city of Meghalaya. It is in fact the land of tall pine trees. The land of Shillong stands tall at an astounding 1496 meters above the sea-level. This is a hill station that remains cool and pleasant for most time of the year. The natural vistas look picturesque and amazing indeed. You experience light showers and gentle winds on most days of the year indeed. This way, you find that the weather is an adorable one for tourists and vacationers to plan their trips here. Shillong is known as the ‘Scotland of India’ and the title aptly describes the wonderful topography, the place has to offer.

You have waterfalls, scenic lakes, golf courses, museums, and beautiful wildlife sanctuaries which make the place worthwhile to visit indeed. You have a westernized culture attributed to the place. Shillong people are mostly lively youth who add to the cosmopolitan culture, the hub thrives on. Umiam Lake, Elephant Waterfalls, Laitlum canyons, Shillong Peak, Mawphlang, and Police Bazaar are some of the top-notch touring hubs you get hands- on to while you are here at Shillong.


Cherrapunji is often dubbed as the ‘wettest place’ on the planet. The place is hardly situated at a distance of 50 km from Meghalaya’s capital city namely the Shillong. The place is known for its astounding variety of flora and fauna indeed. You have a double-decker living root bridge that can lend mesmerizing vibes to your natural senses. The living bridge, Mawsmai Caves, Krem Phyllut are some of the top-notch tourist hubs surrounding Cherrapunji.

You also find misty valleys and waterfalls wherever your eyes, glimpse into. Hence, En route Shillong to Cherrapunji, you can make the most memorable and adorable road trips indeed. Cherrapunji receives the most amount of rainfall during the calendar year. Hence, you must plan a trip to this place post monsoons. You find lush greenery that can elevate your senses to an all-new high. You also get fresh vegetables and fruits as the place receives abundant rains. Hence, food and culture are part of the hub here at Cherrapunji.


Mawsynram is again one of the wettest places on the planet. The wonderful village town provides abundant vistas for unforgettable road trips out there. The place is hardly 61 km from Shillong. The place receives powerful and thunderous rains all through the place. The local inmates make use of thick grass to sound-proof their homes from the lashing and thunderous rains, the place experiences. The Mawsmai caves, The Mawsmai falls, Cherrapunji, the Nohalikalai Falls, and Mawlyngbna are some of the top-notch tourist hubs surrounding Mawsynram.


Tura is ideally located on the Western side of Meghalaya. This is an eco-tourist hub that offers a lot for tourists, holidayers, and adventure seekers who want to make the best out of their vacationing spree. This place is located at a distance of approximately 311 km from the capital city of Meghalaya- Shillong! The Nokrek National park is one of the most favored wildlife destinations, the place has to offer. This is a UNESCO world-heritage wildlife park that is hardly situated at a distance of 12 km from Tura.

You have wild cats, tigers, leopards, cheetah, wild buffalo, pheasant, and a numerous variety of birds that remain on an animal lover’s spotlight. The Tura Peak, Siju Caves, Balpakram National Park, Nokrek National Park, Pelga Waterfalls, and Rongbang Dar Waterfalls are some of the top tourist attractions surrounding the vicinity. Tura also offers a wonderful platform for those of you who would love trekking and hiking. You can take up nature walk trails too at full-length.


Jowai is located at a distance of 66 km from Shillong. You can view mesmerizing and breath-taking views nature offers to tourists and holidayers right there. You have numerous scenic lakes, open valleys, and waterfalls that can be a fascinating retreat to your eyes. The Thadlaskein Lake and Lalong Park are famous tourist destinations surrounding the wonderful Valley-town namely Jowai. Other tourist attractions include Tryshi Waterfalls, Nartiang Monoliths, Krang Suri Waterfalls, Umlawan Caves, Syntu Ksair, and a beautiful man-made pitcher plant lake.


Baghmara is located at a distance of 287 km from Shillong forming a part of the Indo-Bangladesh border indeed. The place is known for its astounding share of flora and fauna indeed. You have the Baghmara forest reserve that is known for vibrant Asian elephants and they look majestic indeed. Plus, hardly 3 km from the place, you have the Siju Caves. The mystical caves are known for a wide range of labyrinths and chambers. You can also find innumerable species of rare birds that migrate here during the winters. The Siju bird sanctuary attracts wildlife and bird enthusiasts in huge numbers.

Elephant and Nohkalikai Waterfalls

Elephant Waterfalls is named this way owing to a rock that is shaped in the form of an elephant. You had these rocks at the summit of the waterfalls that however got wiped away due to an earthquake in the year 1897. The waterfalls are also known as ‘Three-Step waterfalls’ as tourists and viewers get to witness the cascading waterfalls from three different vantage points indeed. The first layer of waterfalls is quite broad with dense trees surrounding the canopy. The second layer recedes amid thin strands and looks almost invisible during winters. The third layer resembles a sheet of milk flowing from above the rocks. The third layer of the Elephant Falls is the most impressive indeed.

You then have the Nohkalikai Waterfalls indeed. This is the 4th highest waterfalls in the world. The waterfall lends a panoramic view to onlookers indeed, as the waterfalls at a magnificent 335 meters from a verdant cliff to the ground. This is pure bliss and ecstasy to watch. You have an evergreen rain forest sandwiched between the waterfalls and the Khasi Hills forming the other end. This is one of the best natural spots, one can revel in.

These are some of the best tourist attractions in and around the wonderful state named Meghalaya.

Best food and shopping

The perfect Meghalaya cuisine is flavored and mildly tinted indeed. Rice, spicy fish, and oil are staples that are liberally used in most of the cuisines prepared at Meghalaya. Momos are delectable at street outlets in nook and corner of the state indeed. Dohshaiin, Red rice, Jodoh, Tungtab, Makham Bitchi, and Kapha are Meghalaya delicacies indeed. The vegetarian options include Jhur Side, Daineiiong, and Muli Khleh.

You can hit upon high-dining restaurants at Shillong to have Indian, Chinese, and continental food. Meghalaya is famous for freshly spruced tea packs and herbal oils. Cashews and turmeric are must-buy products in and around stores in Meghalaya. Cedar, lemongrass, wintergreen, and perlite are herbal oils you can shop for. You get a beautiful variety of stoles, ear studs, and wooden artifacts at stores in and around the State.

Best things to do

You can go on a stroll at some of the broad roads in Shillong. Else have a cup of rose-flavored tea with hot biscuits with your soul mate. You can watch the enigmatic elephant waterfalls in full glory during the monsoons. You can view the Baghmara wildlife sanctuary. Or watch the birds at the Siju bird sanctuary. Likewise, you have plenty of things to do at Meghalaya.

We have covered some of the most intricate aspects covering our bountiful state Meghalaya. So, pack your bags right away for a wonderful vacation ahead!

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Meghalaya Meghalaya

A Paradise of Floating Clouds

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Meghalaya Meghalaya

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