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Plan a Trip With Us

Worried about planning your next holiday with your family or friends? Leave the worries, the paperwork, and the planning to us, and explore some of the best destinations India has to offer. We at India Enigma offer only best to our customers, and plan a fantastic holiday, with every destination better than the earlier one. We ensure you enjoy and cherish every moment, and make memories that last a lifetime. Not many are happy with the stipulated set of tourist locations a travel company plans for. You want something unexplored or want to hit out a spot maybe that is unique. Say a Goa trip can plan a set of beaches. But, how about you want to explore some of the hidden beaches out there?

Get quotes from three travel agents

You may want to pick up exotic locations that are also easy on your pockets. Here is why we have introduced this unique plan for you. You have the option of shopping sites or hotels where you can bag cheaper deals. We have a tie-up with a good number of accommodation resorts for you to choose from. You can get reasonable quotes from three travel agents. This way, you can get the best holiday quote for your once-in-a-lifetime kind of a holiday.

Suggestion for group tours

You may have your family members, your sister's family, and your aunts who would love tagging along with you. This way, the holiday can be so much more fun. We have a tie-up with a lovely set of properties that come to you with fully furnished banquet halls. You can have poolside parties or organize kitty parties the way you wanted to.

A few properties come to you with lush gardens. Garden parties or high tea parties can also be done. We have wedding party halls at certain select locales. You can plan mehndi ceremonies or have your sath-sangeet ceremonies done at length. Bachelorette parties can also be done in a ravishing manner. Likewise, you can provide suggestions or comments on how you want your group tours to be organized. We are there at your disposal to customize the holiday for you in a special kind of way too.

For the honeymooners

We have received many requests on what type of holiday the newlyweds can take! We have exclusively customized packages for the honeymooners too. We have a tie-up with hoteliers who can offer you a free champagne bottle upon arrival. You can avail of exclusive sightseeing tours too. We have handpicked tourist locations that add to the complete bliss of newlyweds indeed. You can sip your coffee with your partner's hand across your shoulder, or cuddle moments gazing at snow-clad mountains. We cover it all or you can have a toy train wherein you and your partner can share the bogie all for yourselves.

Customized travel plans

As a holidayer, we have an open site where you can choose the A to Zee on how you would like your vacation to be like. We will be more than pleased to help you get what you wanted. Customized travel plans can also be availed for secluded chauffeur driven cab drives where you do not want a travel guide to explain. Some people get into their nerves when they find guides reading out from the script, while holidayers or vacationers prefer exploring tourist locations on their own. You can also have your own set of travel locations instead of sticking with a rigid schedule. The choice is all yours when you want to customize the holiday with gem-studded stars.

Solo trips

Are you a backpacker who plans a holiday at the nick of the hour, or would you opt for solo trips? We have covered you as a part of our holiday packages. You can opt for solo mountain climbing or go in for hot air ballooning. Else, you can have a camp tent at a desert location to gaze at the star-studded sky. You can sea surf exotic beaches the country has to offer. Moreover, to add to peace or tranquility of your inner soul, you can opt for solo meditation packages too. You can send in a detailed email stating what you expect from your solo or backer's trip. We will have it done for you.

Best prices

You can avail the best prices from our travel website. We have a handpicked list of properties and tourist locations that are friendly on your pockets. We allow you to customize. At the same time, we make sure; you do not hit a bombshell as far as your bank balances are concerned. We want you to pay your bills on time. We want you to maintain your lifestyle the way it has always been. At the same time, with the disposable portion of the income you have, we allow you to enjoy your holiday, or take up a vacation spree. Sounds cool, isn't it?

Customer satisfaction

With loads of options to choose from and the freedom to customize vacation plans, we always vouch for our customer's absolute satisfaction. We would love seeing those wide smiles on your faces. All we plan for is customer satisfaction above money. We would feel elated when you carry home those exotic holiday memories.

As we strive harder, to bring the best of vacation deals for you, you must book for one. You must get the feel of it above anything. You can also feel free to refer your friends and family to our travel website.

We bring the best of holidays to your doorstep.

Contact us to know how we can plan a memorable and safe holiday for you.

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