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We have a travel website and you have a fleet of hotels near the locations we sponsor packages for. Lets work together.

You want travelers to look at your brand and know about your services. You want them to sign up holiday packages with you or visit your restaurant to taste your signature dish.

What do customers want? They want comfortable stay with modern amenities and dining places to make their day. Vacationers want to stay at decent hotels for a comfortable vacay along with thier family.

If you are running a hotel or restaurant, these are unique ways on how you can promote your brand.

How to sign up and register

Send an email to to enquire if you can sign up with us as you have a lovely set of hotels or restaurant to promote. You can share your property's gallery pictures if you maintain one.

Once sent, we will reach out to you for further talks and taking things.

Promote offers, property and loyalty programs.

Once things work out, you can send out details for us to publish on the website. You also get a page on the platform to manage and showcase you brand.

You can allow members to view an online prospectus or brochure on what deals you offer. You can offer 20% discount on food and drinks for every member who signs up with your hotel or property. You can give them a week's holiday free while food, beverages, and entertainment taxes are applicable, or do you offer free champagne as a welcome drink to honeymooners!

You can offer them all to attract holidayers.

Do a self-branding

You can highlight your brand and promote lucrative offers you offer to customers who would like to stay on your property. You communicate your brand to travelers as to who you are and what your brand is about. In this marketing initiative, you can include the tariff price for staying in rooms, group packages if two to three families are wanting to stay at your property, discounts, freebies, overall company policy, and lot many.

Promote events and offers

Communicate the hotel's USP to people visitng the website. You can also generate good customer-based leads when you portray the signature cuisines, events and offers the property provides from time to time.

We simply create events and offers for you that are visible on almost every related page, the customer visits. Those interested, simply fill a form and you get the details of potential customers to your hotel or restaurant.

Do you hold pool parties and sunday brunches?

We get many customers who want to book holiday packages with us. Travelers or vacationers who sign up with us, also want properties to hold special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and mehndi ceremonies! Engagement parties and bachelorette parties also get increased requests.

We charge a small amount of money

We provide you with a fabulous platform to let people know and reach out to you. You are also given complete freedom to market your hotel rooms the way you wanted to.

Digital marketing provides you with an endless seam of opportunities to promote your brand. We charge a small fixed amount of money to promote you year around.

As a property, do you arrange for fully furnished banquet halls? Do you have the provision to organize poolside parties? You may have the lighting, culinary aspects, and arrival of a DJ to look into. This way, we can host your property as a party hall or a privileged one indeed. You would also have properties to hold garden parties or kitty parties among the young and old. You can also showcase the lush greenery each property has.

If your property has all these aspects tucked in, you can sign in with us. You can fill in the sales inquiry forms that we provide to you via the site.

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