Indian Dishes For BreakfastIndian Dishes For Breakfast

Indian dishes for breakfast

Food in India is a culture that is envied and followed by the world. Western countries load their plates with bacon and which is high in protein but also stashed in calories. Indian dishes, however, focus on one thing and one thing only, satisfaction.

An Indian plate will always have a rich diet with subtle flavors and a mild kick of spice, basically, everything composed in a plate. The food in an Indian plate doesn’t just feed the stomach, it feeds the soul. The contents of our food palette are a product of decades of perfection, that’s the reason we don’t take it for granted. Food is the king of our lives, we live to eat; and what’s the kind of meals? -Breakfast.

Table of Content

  • Poha
  • Dal Ka Parantha
  • Oats Idli 
  • “Innovative” Fried Rice
  • Achar Parantha

Yes, breakfast, the most important meal of the day. It keeps us going and helps us get through Monday blues or any day blues for that matter. If you live alone and are too lazy to cook everything from scratch every day, we have come here to rescue you with these simple hacks to prepare nutritious breakfast every morning.


Some of us are not familiar with this name, for our ‘not-so-desi’ readers, its Pressed Rice and for our readers with Hindi in their heart, it’s also called ‘Chiwda’. Now we have your attention, don’t we?

Poha is prepared with different vegetables put into it with mild spices and the flavors that boost through is pure magic. Poha is ready in 10 minutes and has the potential to be a lip-smacking snack as well.

Indian Breakfast Poha

Indian Breakfast Poha

Dal Ka Parantha

Do you have last night’s Dal? And you don’t want to have it with Rice just like last night, then we’ve got a solution for you. Knead it with flour and make the fluffy dough of it. Making a soft Parantha from it will kill your hunger and leave a taste on your tongue so deep, that you will remember it for the rest of your day.

Oats Idli 

Tired of eating plain boring Oats every day? Fuse it with the recipe of Idli and have a great combination of Western and South Indian delicacies. The ‘fusion’ dish can be paired with ketchup or a classic Coconut Chutney. Whatever it is, the Oats Idli is one combination you will not forget for a long time.

“Innovative” Fried Rice

Indian breakfast Oats

Indian breakfast Oats

The word ‘innovative’ was used in the most casual way above, it’s not literal. Whatever leftover dish you have, toss it in a pan with plain rice and some cumin seeds. The product will be an ‘innovation’ every time you prepare it with a different leftover dish.

The nutrients will resurrect once the dish is tossed inside the pan along with rice and Cummins, the warmth and subtle spiciness of Fried Rice packs a punch of satisfaction for a typical Indian belly.

Indian breakfast Fried Rice

Indian breakfast Fried Rice

Achar Parantha

Dishes will be different all around the world, let’s forget about the world and focus on India. Surprisingly enough, every state in India has a different food palette as well. The only thing Indian dishes share in our plates is our beloved Pickle, or as we like to call it; “Achaar”.
The history of Achar and India go hand in hand, and frankly, no one can tell which came first into existence.

We just got sidetracked, didn’t we? Well, that’s our love for pickle and there’s nothing around that is as soothing and refreshing as a nice piece of pickle. Team it up with a steaming hot Parantha and the energy it will provide you will last for the whole day. It takes months to prepare decent pickle, but it takes minutes to buy from a nearby shop and eat it with a Parantha. Now, this was a dish you always knew about.

Indian breakfast Paratha

Indian breakfast Paratha

No matter what you choose from the above-mentioned dishes, we guarantee a punch of flavors and a nutritional value which tears through the roof. Indian dishes are packed with spices and loaded with health benefits; we just told you the quickest resources to grab that benefit with the lowest time investment.

You can always buy a meal and consume it, but the fun of making one yourself kicks everything back, doesn’t it?

These quick fixes will help you calm your hunger and make you learn a thing or two about cooking. The only thing you will remember after it will be the taste.

The good taste, the bad taste and the ugly …. Wait, this doesn’t make sense. I think we’re just hungry and can’t think of a great ending to this article.

Let us fix ourselves a great plate of Indian dishes breakfast and come right back.

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