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Can you smell the aroma of Sandalwood as you walk through the corridors of the royal palaces of Karnataka? Because this is exactly what Mysore is all about. Right from the ancient museums depicting significant artefacts to marvelous architecture of temples, Mysuru has it all! Moreover, this touristy destination is filled with Treebo Mysore Hotels offering budget-friendly stay.

As you think of Mysore, sure that you see heritage palaces, huge gardens and the famous Mysore Pak. However, the city is home to many hidden gems that are untouched by tourism. Such unbeatable destinations are located amidst serene surroundings offering the parallel side of Mysore. It is your time to book hotels in Mysore and go on the journey of exploring the unexplored. Before traveling know some important travel tips and tricks with India Enigma

Offbeat Places to Visit in Mysore are -

1. Varuna Lake

Located amidst the greens, Varuna Lake is one of the best places to visit in Mysore. Known as the hidden gem of Mysore, it offers enthralling adventure options for families and solo travellers. If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, Varuna Lake offers water sports including Jetski, Lake Rafting, Bumper ride, Kayaking and Water trampoline. Interestingly, the lake is a perfect spot for rejuvenation as it is located in the lap of nature. Check for Treebo Mysore Hotels for a budget-friendly stay here.

2. Venugopala Swamy Temple

Are you looking for a serene destination mixed with fusion of history? Venugopala Swamy temple is an amazing place to visit in Mysore as you get to witness the Unexplored  Hoysala architecture here. Built in the 12th century, this temple is well maintained to visit with families, friends or solo. Along with jaw-dropping architecture, the temple is located near the Krishna Raja Sagara (water body) giving all the cool breeze here. It is a good idea to check hotels in Mysore near the temple for a much more relaxing getaway.

3. Melody World Wax Museum

Ever wondered that you could experience a fusion of music and art while travelling to Mysore? Mysore is home to the famous Melody World Wax Museum which attracts thousands of tourists every year. You can witness life-size wax statues with various musical instruments. Different cultures can be spotted as these statues are dressed according to various states, music and scenic backgrounds. Check for hotels in Mysore for a budget-friendly holiday with your friends and family so you can visit the museum with zero hassle.

4. Chamundi Hills

A beautiful vantage point that offers a comprehensive perspective of the city of Mysore is the Chamundi Hills. Interestingly, it is not about trekking but seeking blessings in the temple situation on the top. The famous Chamundeshwari Temple is located on the hilltop that attracts various tourists. You can clearly see the Mysore Maharaja Palace and the Karanji Lake from the Chamundi hilltop's stunning perspective of the city of Mysore. To really appreciate the panorama, bring your camera and binoculars with you.

5. Shuka Vana

If you are looking for an offbeat destination in Mysore, Shuka Vana has to be on your list! It is indeed a divine combination of nature, flora and avifauna. Ornithophilic and wildlife lovers must visit the Shuka Vana in Mysore, which is home to around 2000 birds. It is a famous rehabilitation centre for birds, especially parrots. In this stunning enclosure, numerous rare species of parrots may be seen soaring around. They also take care of injured and abandoned birds making it worth a visit. You can also look for Treebo Mysore Hotels near this place to save time and spend it more with these unique species.

6. Sand Museum Mysore

All your beach visits are incomplete without stepping in the sand and enjoying the soothing nature. Ever imagined sand turning into art? Sand Museum Mysore is one of the best places to visit as it is home to huge arts created with sand. You can witness various exhibits of laughing Buddha, cars and general life of the city. MN Gowri, a well-known sand artist, was the brains behind the museum's design. Around 150 monoliths, created with 115 truckloads of sand, water, and adhesive, are displayed in the amazing museum! Interestingly, it also has many Disney characters in their splendor.

7. Namdroling Monastery

Mysore is so much more than art and history because it is home to the popular Namdroling Monastery. The Namdroling Nyingmapa Monastery is the world's biggest centre for teaching Tibetan Buddhism's Nyingma branch. It also has a school of Tibetan Buddhism and is home to more than 5000 monks and nuns. If you love to spot architecture, this is a place to be! With vibrant colors and embellishments of gold, the beauty here cannot be ignored. When here, do attend the prayer rituals for tranquillity.

8. Kukkarahalli Lake

Hotels in Mysore can definitely provide you ultimate comfort. However, stepping into nature and observing beauty near the Kukkarahalli Lake is a must thing to do in Mysore. The amazing blanket of nature is present near the lake and gives you an opportunity to jog, walk or relax here. Moreover, Kukkarahalli Lake is best known for mesmerizing sunset and sunrise so it is always a good idea to go for it. It is also famous for a plethora of flora and avifauna that can be spotted here. Meditation enthusiasts are often attracted to this place.

As you explore some of the hidden gems of Mysore, do not forget to book budget-friendly Treebo hotels. Treebo Mysore Hotels are all about luxury, comfort and unbeatable prices.

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Your stay in the city simply becomes happier with the presence of Treebo hotels in Mysore. Mysore is indeed a beautiful destination with tourist places, affordable accommodation, well-known street foods and serene surroundings.


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