Mumbai Mumbai

Mumbai, a city that never sleeps

Mumbai, a city that never sleeps

Mumbai, a city that never sleeps
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Mumbai is the commercial capital of India and the whole city smells of business and finance. It is also the capital of Maharashtra and was known earlier as Bombay. It is considered to be the most populous city of the country with an estimated population of 12.5 million. Each day around 250 people migrate from all over the world to make their dreams here. From vada pav to gol gappe, tycoons to slums, Dabawallahs, Bollywood, Mumbai has its own essence. If you want to enjoy the contrast of this metropolitan city, you must read this article first. The city will surprise you in so many ways.

In this article we have tried to portray the city in front of you which will guide you to make the adventure more exciting. The best time to visit Mumbai is October to February as the temperature during this time is at their lowest. To get all the essence of the city make sure you read the article till the end and we assure you that it would be a lifetime memory of the beauty of the city.

Regions of Mumbai

Mumbai can primarily be divided into two regions, Mumbai city district & Mumbai Suburban district. Mumbai city district refers to South Mumbai and Suburban district refers to North Mumbai and all of Mumbai’s suburbs. Mumbai suburbs has two major parts, the western part of the suburb forms the Western Suburbs and the eastern part forms the Eastern suburbs.

Culture of Mumbai

Mumbai is a city that welcomes everyone with open arms and people from different locations come to earn their livelihoods. So, the culture of the city reflects its diversity in it. In Mumbai tourism, you will find end number of art galleries, museums, libraries, and many more cultural institutions. Here you will get to see different cultural programs, music concerts, and festivals throughout the year. Though Diwali, Eid, Holi, and Christmas are celebrated in the city, nothing can match the biggest festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, a 10-day festival celebrated by all Mumbaikkars with glory. Mumbai is the capital of Hindi films, a center of Bollywood. Mumbai is full of fun and entertainment and you will get that flavor out of the people of the city. As it is rightly said -

“You can take the boy out of Bombay,

you can’t take Bombay out of the boy.”

History of Mumbai

Though Mumbaikkars are emotionally connected and passionate about the heritage of the city actual history of the dream city is unknown to many people and it is fading with time. The name of the city came from a Goddess called ‘Mumba Devi’. There are primarily seven islands, Colaba, Mazagaon, Mahim, Parel, Bombay Island, Worli, and Old Woman's Island. These were the part of Ashoka kingdom in ancient India. After the death of the king, these islands were ruled by several rulers. In the 19th century, there was massive economic development and reconstruction occurred. Then the first-ever Indian railway operations began between Mumbai and Thane. During the early 20th century Mumbai became the base of the Indian Independence Movement. In 1947, after India’s freedom, the territory of Bombay was restructured into Bombay state. During this period Bombay has been witnessed several battles and later the city was incorporated into the territory of the newly created Maharashtra state from Bombay state. It took almost 6 centuries to merge all seven islands into one city Bombay. On 6th March 1996, the city was renamed Mumbai.

Tourist Sightseeing in Mumbai

Though the city has a long list of places to visit, we have tried to shortlist the top 12 must-visit places for you which will guide you on your next trip to Mumbai. Let us take you through 12 famous tourist places in Mumbai.

Marine Drive

A romantic place in the middle of the city, famous for its glamor and beauty. At night when the coastline lights up, it looks like a necklace which makes the city more beautiful. That is why it’s called “Queen’s Necklace”. This place is ideal for a couple to spend quality time while enjoying the sunset and reflecting on the Arabian sea with the cool breeze and sound of the waves. This is considered to be the best tourist place in Mumbai. You will find people roaming around 24/7, vendors of street foods, and Chai selling at late night. This place is mainly popular to visit at night.

Gateway of India

Gateway of India is one of the famous tourist spots in India and a tourist hotspot of Mumbai. It was built in 1924 by George Wittet, located next to the iconic Taj Palace facing the vast Arabian sea. There you will get a ferry service available for heading towards historic Elephanta Cave. You can take a ferry ride to experience the amazing view of the monument right from the sea which leaves every visitor spellbound. The best time to visit the place is either early morning or late evening.

Elephanta Caves

Elephanta Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is located at a distance of 11km from the main city. You can take a ferry ride from the Gateway of India and easily reach the destination within an hour while enjoying the scenic beauty of the Mumbai skyline. This is a massive rock-cut cave with five dedicated to the God Shiva and two representing Buddhist architecture. These are the expression of art and Indian culture that will take you back to the 5th to 7th century. Being an important heritage site, it also attracts the crowd as a trekking destination.

Film city, Mumbai

Are you a big fan of Bollywood? Then you should not miss out on exploring Dadasaheb Phalke Chitranagari, commonly known as Mumbai Film City. The heart of Bollywood, an approximately 100,000 sq. ft. area consists of lakes, gardens, theaters, recording rooms many more. To take a tour of the entire film city in a day you need to take a bus ride. More than 900 movies and multiple television shows have been shot here. When you take a tour of about 1000 film sets, you will see many familiar sets of popular movies. Film city gives you a chance to live in your Bollywood dream for one day and thus it’s a must-visit spot for all Bollywood lovers.

Juhu Beach

The best place to enjoy the sunset with typical aamchi Mumbai flavor and that makes Juhu one of the best tourist places in Mumbai. It is seen in many movies or TV shows quite often. This is one of the poshest areas in Mumbai as many celebrities have their own houses in surrounding areas. Don’t be surprised if you see any celebrity running or jogging on the beach as it is commonly seen there. Walking across the beach sand with your partner during the sunset can make your day for sure. There’s an ISKON temple near the beach, so you can visit that as well.

Colaba Causeway

The right place for all shopaholics is Colaba Causeway which is known as Shopper’s Paradise. One of the liveliest tourist places in Mumbai. If you think shopping is therapy for you then you are at the right place. We assure you to have a great time here exploring shops having an A to Z collection. Here you will get inexpensive clothes designer clothes and all sorts of home decor items. This has also good restaurants and cafes to satisfy your hunger pangs.

Hanging Garden

The perfect gateway from the boredom of daily life. The garden is situated on the top of Malabar hill, built in 1880 by Mr. Ulhas Ghapokar. The interesting thing about the place is when you look from above you will see PMG spelled out in the garden. You will also get to see spectacular water fountains, animal-shaped hedges, flower beds, and many more.

Essel World

Essel World is the largest amusement park in India. It has been one of the most happening tourist places in Mumbai for kids’ entertainment, located in a village called Gorai in Mumbai. If you miss your childhood adventure and thrill, Essel World will take you back there where you can enjoy numerous exciting rides, gaming facilities, dancing zones, theme parks, and many more for your leisure. The park looks more beautiful during festive times and the crowd is always at its peak on the weekend. So, to have a hassle-free journey you can go for a prior online booking that will save you valuable time.

Haji Ali Dargah

Want to visit one of the most popular shrines in Mumbai or you can say most popular tourist place in Mumbai? Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about Haji Ali Dargah which is situated in the middle of the Arabian sea near Worli. The tomb is made of white marble and glass which looks more beautiful at night when the shrine lights up. It has a white marble pillar with immaculate mirrorwork on it. People from all over the world come here to seek blessings.

Bandra Worli Sea Link

Bandra-Worli Sea Link, commonly known as Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link is a 5.6 km long cable-stayed bridge that connects Bandra and Worli. It is capable to support 8 lanes of traffic and it makes traveling between the two destinations so easy. This sea link represents the modern architecture of Mumbai city which compliments the sea, Mahim Bay. It looks more beautiful during nighttime and is perfect for a beautiful photoshoot.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

CST or Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, formerly known as Victoria Terminus, is a modern railway station with historic touch in it. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was built in 1887 in the middle of the mega city Mumbai and is well connected to a major part of the city. The bustle railway terminus gives a feeling of British history and looks more attractive at night. Even you have seen the station in many scenes of popular movies. It is the most popular historic landmark of the city. You must visit the railway station just to have the feel of the busy city that never sleeps.

Fashion Street

Last but not least a must-visit tourist place in Mumbai is Fashion Street. No doubt Mumbai is always one step ahead of its fashion trend. If you are fashion-conscious and believe in trendy fashion, then this is the right place for you. It is located near Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus and has around 200 shops that offer you the latest and trendiest clothes as well as accessories. Designer clothes at a cheaper rate and the first copy of many foreign brands always attract the young crowd but make sure you are good in bargain.

We hope this guide will take you to the prominent places to visit in Mumbai and get the best out of your trip. Mumbai is a city that you would fall in love with after your first visit.

Then what are you waiting for?

Make your Mumbai tourism plan with us.

Food in Mumbai

Mumbai is known for its distinctive and cost-effective street foods that are world-famous. If you are a foodie, then Mumbai is the right place for you to give your taste buds the feel of mouthwatering varieties.

In this article, we have tried to list down all types of foods (Veg & Non-veg) that you must try when you visit Mumbai. So, without further ado, let’s explore the culinary richness of Mumbai.

Vada Pav - Known as “poor man’s burger” is one of the top street foods in Mumbai. It is a bun bread stuffed with vada, served with a spicy chutney which enhances the taste of the dish.

Misal Pav – If you do not have a sweet tooth and are fond of hot and spicy yet healthy food then this dish has got your back.

Pav Bhaji – Another very popular and easily available street food is Pav Bhaji in Mumbai. If you go there, you will find at least one Pav Bhaji Thela in every street of the city even at late night. They serve the butter-fried bun with spicy mashed vegetables that you ought to try.

Pani Puri – No one in the city doesn’t love Pani puri. If you taste one, you will start craving more, and trust me this is going to be your favorite pani puri all the time!

Bhelpuri/Sevpuri – If you are a vegetarian then you must try these two dishes. This Marathi chat (Bhelpuri) is the most popular vegetarian dish in Mumbai which is made of puffed rice, vegetables, and sauce. On the other hand, Sevpuri is loaded with potato, onions, and 3 types of chutnies, garnished with sev on top of it.

Frankie- A very popular street food in Mumbai which gives your hunger pangs the ultimate satisfaction anytime any day. This comes as a nun with egg coating and stuffed with chicken or mutton and for vegetarian folks, they made it with paneer or potato stuffing.

Bombay Duck- Don’t get confused with the name. This is a deep-fried crispy fish strip that will certainly blow your mind. You must try this seafood dish whenever you visit Mumbai.

Haleem- If you are a Haleem lover and want to have authentic Haleem, you don’t need to travel to Hyderabad since it is available in aamchi Mumbai too. Haleem is a super nutritious food made of wheat, meat, and lentils.

Kebabs- Are you very fond of Kebabs? Then you should spend a night at Mohammad Ali park, famous for chicken and mutton kebabs. The soft, juicy, tender kebabs will just blow your mind.

Falooda- Falooda is the Indian version of a Persian dessert. A drink made of vermicelli mixed with milk, dry fruits, seeds, and syrup and topped with ice cream. Perfect food to beat the heat of Mumbai summer.

Top Tourist Activities in Mumbai

In Mumbai, there is a great scope to enjoy many activities, especially beach activities for all age groups. Essel World is the best activity spot for children to have a fun-filled day, one can enjoy the city in an offbeat mode through some more exciting activities. Let’s check out the top tourist activities that you must explore whenever you visit Mumbai:


Mumbai is famous for its adventurous beach activities and Kayaking is one of them. Explore this Kayaking activity at Gateway of India and create long-lasting memories with your friends or family or as a solo activity. You can enjoy this paddling sport carefreely as you will be provided with high-quality safety gear.


For witnessing the offbeat side of the dream city, you must experience the joy of sailing in Mumbai. This is an exciting activity of seeing the mega city far away from the crowd and noise of the city and for this adventurous trip, you don’t need any professional training or experience. You will be given a life jacket along with a helmet and spec for your safety purposes. Floating on the Arabian sea from the hustle and bustle of the city is a perfect sailing experience to be with your loved ones which will create a lifetime memory for you.

Helicopter ride

When you are in the dream city you must grab the opportunity to enjoy the panoramic view from the sky. 1000 ft above Helicopter ride in Mumbai will surely give you an unforgettable experience. We assure you that the bird's eye view of Mumbai and its coastline is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you.

Cycling tour

If you are an early bird or not but once you are in Mumbai you must explore the city early in the morning at least once as you have never seen the mega city before like this. While the rest of the city is just waking up you can take a tour of calm and peaceful South Mumbai by cycle. You can enjoy the sights like Gateway of India, CST station, Marine drive, Crawford market many more.

Mumbai Mumbai

Explore the heritage of “Aamchi Mumbai” like a Mumbaikkar

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Mumbai Mumbai

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